The Great Outdoors

North Dakota has a long heritage of hunting and fishing and outdoor recreation.  Oil and natural gas producers share this stewardship and are working together with state and Federal regulatory agencies and sporting organizations to manage our wildlife and economic interests and ensure safe and rewarding seasons.

Horizontal drilling, itself, minimizes the footprint of oil and natural gas extraction, by reducing the number of wellpads that need to be created.  With the ability to drill horizontally up to 10,000+ feet in "horizontal displacement", the practice allows for increased distance between well pads.  In some cases 1,280 acres — or about 2 miles — can separate each well pad.  This distance allows for less disruption to the above ground and natural environment.

Development companies follow strict permitting, mitigation and reclamation standards and follow the state, federal and local regulations.  Additionally, many companies participate in wildlife and conservation programs, and provide grants and even partner with sporting groups.

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