Infrastructure and Housing

Many of the changes brought by the growth in the Bakken Shale has been positive, with the influx of jobs for thousands or residents.   Towns have experienced growing pains, though, as a result of the rapid growth, impacting housing, roads and creating other infrastructure needs.

The growing pains, however, are offering opportunities for businesses and government to step forward, work together, and create the infrastructure to support the growth.  Tax revenue from oil and gas operations is fueling much of this development, which in turn, is generating additional job

  • The state is investing millions into roads and infrastructure programs for communities impacted by the growth in workers and trucks on the road.  Tax revenue from oil and natural gas development is being used to repair areas that have been impacted. 
  • The oil is flowing, but industry needs to get crude out of the massive Bakken Shale reserve and to the refineries far away that process it. To take trucks off the road and to handle the large volumes, companies are building new infrastructures such as rail terminals, pipelines, storage facilities, roads and bridges.  

With collaboration and planning, industry and the state can find solutions to address the phenomenal growth in the Bakken Shale and maintain a high quality of life for North Dakota residents.