Energizing North Dakota

Energy is critically important to North Dakota, serving as a key engine for the state economy - expanding job opportunities and offering the hope of prosperity to individual North Dakotans and their families. The future benefits of energy for North Dakota - and the rest of the country - largely depend on national decisions on the country's energy path.



OPEC sees more balanced oil market in 2016

The oil market should be more balanced next year as China and the developing world use more oil while supply of fuel from North American shale grows more slowly, OPEC said on Monday.



EIA: Net petroleum product exports continue to increase

This article refers to "refined" oil products which America can export. We also need the ability to export crude oil from America too, and that is currently banned by federal gov't.



The Myths About Fracking Are Many And Damaging

Much of the reporting on fracking is a confused mess, which must leave many people wondering exactly what's going on.



Fracking, with care, brings big benefits: Our view

Boom has helped make America the world's No. 1 producer of oil and gas.



North Dakota refinery completed

State leaders tout complex as a boost to U.S. economy and energy security.



North Dakota announces project to treat, recycle oil drilling waste

Gov. Dalrymple and an Arizona company are touting a process aimed treating and recycling oil drilling waste.... can be used for such things as road building instead of being dumped in special landfills.



EPA: No widespread harm to drinking water from fracking

Hydraulic fracturing to drill for oil and natural gas has not caused widespread harm to drinking water in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday



Legalize energy freedom

Historians will view the early 21st Century as the time when America reversed its geographical energy deficit to become the world's leading oil and natural gas producer... overcoming the federal policies of an opposition president.



Lawmakers Urge Crude Oil Export Ban be Lifted

Things are a lot different now then in 1973. We've had eight presidents and we have social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. But at least one thing remains the same; a ban on crude oil exports.